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Experience Next-Level Cleaning

Unveiling the future of cleaning! Dive into an era where cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of dirt but is also about the convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Whether it’s crumbs from your car seat, dust from your computer keyboard, or inflating balloons for your kid’s birthday party, this all-in-one vacuum cleaner has got you covered.



Product Features

  • Superior Suction: With the updated version boasting a vacuum degree of 98000PA and a speed of 35500rpm, dirt and debris don’t stand a chance.
  • Blow & Inflate: Beyond vacuuming, it doubles as a blower. Whether you’re blowing dust or inflating balloons, it’s up to the task.
  • Whisper Quiet: Operates at ≤ 52dB, ensuring that your cleaning spree doesn’t disturb anyone.
  • Type-C Charging: Equipped with a Type-C charging line for fast and convenient charging.
  • Durable Material: Made of high-quality ABS material, it’s designed to last.
  • Perfect for All Scenarios: Ideal for cleaning cars, keyboards, computers, and more.



Why Choose Our Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Versatility: Not just a vacuum cleaner, but also a blower and balloon pump.
  • Portability: Wireless design combined with a lightweight build makes it your perfect cleaning companion on the go.
  • Environment Friendly: Operates between temperatures of -20℃ to +50℃, ensuring optimal performance in various conditions.
  • Complete Package: Comes with 6 accessories, a charging line, and a user manual to enhance your cleaning experience.

Best Usage Scenarios

This versatile cleaning tool is best used for quick and efficient clean-ups in your car, at home, or even at the office. It’s especially handy for those tight spots and corners where larger vacuum cleaners can’t reach. Plus, if you’re planning a celebration, the balloon pump feature is a game-changer!


What Makes It Special?

Our Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is not just another cleaning device; it’s a symbol of innovation and convenience. It’s special because it understands your diverse needs – from cleaning to inflating. Its powerful suction coupled with its wireless feature ensures that you have a hassle-free cleaning experience every time.

Get Yours Today!

Step into the future of cleaning. Elevate your cleaning routine with our versatile and powerful vacuum cleaner. Order now and experience the difference!

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Verified Buyer
Alysha Bruen
27 May 2024 00:51

The included storage bag for the vacuum and its attachments is a game-changer. It's roomy enough to fit everything, offering a practical solution for storage and transportation. Gone are the days of dealing with scattered attachments or entwined cords – it allows for everything to be tidily kept in one spot. When it comes to its cleaning capabilities, this car vacuum is impressively potent. Despite its diminutive stature, it generates robust suction that makes light work of dirt, debris, and even the most tenacious pet hair lodged in my car's hard-to-reach spots. Witnessing its effectiveness in rendering my car's interior immaculate is truly astonishing. The assortment of accessories that come with this vacuum is noteworthy. Whether it's the specialized brush attachments or the slim nozzles, each accessory is designed with a specific cleaning task in mind, facilitating access to those challenging areas with ease. Additionally, the vacuum's compactness is another highlight. Its small footprint allows for easy stowage in the trunk or under a seat, occupying minimal space. This feature of portability means it's always within reach for quick clean-ups or routine upkeep. In summary, this car vacuum has left a lasting impression on me. Its combination of a compact design, robust suction, and comprehensive accessories collection renders it an essential tool for any vehicle owner who values cleanliness. This vacuum simplifies the task of keeping the interior of my car in pristine condition, and I wholeheartedly endorse it as a top-notch solution for effective and hassle-free car cleaning.

Verified Buyer
America Jones
22 May 2024 08:10

This is the finest car vacuum I've ever owned. The suction is powerful enough to clear any debris from my seats and floor mats. The attachments are ideal for vacuuming cup holders, dashboards, and vents. There's even an attachment for the vacuum's rear, turning it into a duster for those tricky crevices. Its compact size means it can easily be stored in the back seat or trunk, and cleaning it is a breeze. It even comes with extra filters. I highly recommend it.

Verified Buyer
Broderick Sawayn
5 May 2024 11:17

Listen up, because you might find this interesting. This device is not just a car vacuum boasting strong suction and air-blowing capabilities, nor is it merely compact enough to fit in tight spaces. Initially, I purchased it for my (quite small) mobile home, where compactness is key. However, the moment I witnessed its power and the variety of attachments designed for snug spots, I knew it would be underutilized for just tidying up crumbs during sporadic trips in the mobile home. Therefore, I've decided to keep it in the house for cleaning computers, sewing machines, electronics, and anything else where I'd typically use a can of air and struggle with a bigger vacuum. And sure, it would be incredibly useful in a car as well, particularly for cleaning around car seats if you have a little one.

Verified Buyer
Kraig Weissnat
2 May 2024 19:09

Of all the handheld vacuums I've bought over the years, this one surpasses them all in suction power. I was so impressed that I bought two more as gifts, and the recipients are equally amazed by its performance.

Verified Buyer
Cleta Nitzsche
2 May 2024 09:20

Cleaning my car has never been simpler! It’s a breeze compared to dragging out my household vacuum all the way to the driveway.

Verified Buyer
Viola Carter
1 May 2024 09:36

This vacuum works wonders on vehicles. It’s remarkable how powerful it is for its size. I definitely recommend it.

Verified Buyer
Kaylee Wilkinson
25 Apr 2024 09:21

Arrived fast, well packed. Now just try it after charging. Recommend seller.

Verified Buyer
Douglas Marks
6 Apr 2024 00:23

It seems to be good, let's see the battery life, it is very strong, came all the nozzles and working perfectly, well packed, I saw some evaluations saying that it does not have the function of blowing, but the engine's own sigh already blows, Just put the nozzle on the back in the motor mouth, it really works. I was only in doubt if it loads in the normal socket 127V or only in the car in the 12V...

Verified Buyer
Alyson Johnston
2 Apr 2024 07:21

I got this vacuum to tackle the small, hard-to-reach areas in my car. Like many others, I was quickly impressed by the blower feature, finding it incredibly useful for cleaning electronics and sewing machines. It charges fairly quickly and holds enough power to complete my tasks before needing a recharge. I'm even purchasing another as a Father’s Day present for a relative who specializes in electronic repairs.

Verified Buyer
Caleigh Runolfsson
30 Mar 2024 12:42

Despite its compact size, this mini vacuum is impressively powerful. It maintains its charge well and delivers strong suction. Initially purchased for my son's car seat, I've become so fond of it that I plan to keep it for use around the house and acquire another specifically for the car. Unlike my Dyson, which frequently clogs and quickly drains its battery, this mini vacuum faces no such issues and retains its charge for an extended period.

Verified Buyer
Kyle Fay
28 Mar 2024 14:00

While I would prefer a bit more power, it's still capable of handling tasks effectively!

Verified Buyer
Ana Littel
28 Mar 2024 03:44

This is both an attractive and conveniently sized tool! It effortlessly fits in most spots, and its cordless design significantly simplifies things.

Verified Buyer
Brianne Buckridge
24 Mar 2024 15:26

Absolutely adore this vacuum! Not only is it charming in appearance, but it also packs a surprising punch in terms of power. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it features two speed settings, adding to its versatility. My only desire is for it to include a compact case for storing the charging cable and attachments. Aside from that minor detail, you're sure to be thrilled with this vacuum. It's an essential gadget for keeping your car or office tidy!

Verified Buyer
Dianna Farrell
8 Mar 2024 12:34

Here's what I've observed about the SZUK Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner's strengths and weaknesses: Pros: Exceptional suction capability A broad array of useful attachments Compact and easy to handle Simple to empty Reasonably priced Doubles as an air duster Cons: The dustbin could be larger Doesn't match the power of larger vacuums Battery life could be better

Verified Buyer
Taryn Crona
8 Mar 2024 03:36

I've been testing the SZUK Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner and I'm quite satisfied with its performance. Its compact design makes it ideal for reaching the challenging areas within my car. The lightweight build and strong suction power are standout features, allowing for effortless cleaning of tight spots. Additionally, the filter is conveniently removable and washable, simplifying maintenance. However, I've encountered some drawbacks with the SZUK Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner, notably its limited debris collection capacity and the filter's tendency to clog quickly. I found myself frequently emptying and cleaning the reservoir and filter after just a couple of minutes of use, and it also requires frequent recharges. It's possible I received a defective unit.

Verified Buyer
Elnora Muller
7 Mar 2024 18:48

This vacuum is capable of lifting various types of debris, demonstrating considerable power.

Verified Buyer
Katelin Dickinson
6 Mar 2024 05:20

I'm quite pleased with this car vacuum. The assortment of attachments makes cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas effortless. It feels sufficiently powerful for vehicular cleaning tasks. I strongly endorse this product.

Verified Buyer
Mohammad Paucek
5 Mar 2024 16:16

This compact vacuum exceeded my expectations with its size, and I absolutely adore it! Its small footprint is perfect, yet it delivers impressive performance. Having my dog frequently in the car means battling pet hair on the backseat, and this vacuum handles it wonderfully. While it may not achieve perfection, it performs better than anticipated. Utilizing the brush attachment is essential for effectively lifting more fur from fabrics, though some hair might still remain. What I appreciate most is its diminutive size, making the smaller attachments ideal for navigating the tightest corners of your car. But its utility doesn't stop with the car; this versatile little tool is fantastic for a variety of other areas too. The cherry on top? It's rechargeable. I simply cannot express enough love for this handy gadget!

Verified Buyer
Cale Reinger
4 Mar 2024 21:37

This device proves to be both great and versatile, capable of blowing away and vacuuming up debris from those hard-to-reach spots. It's multifunctional and practical.

Verified Buyer
Alia Ernser
28 Feb 2024 03:50

After my previous hand vacuum was borrowed and never returned, I was in search of a suitable replacement. This vacuum has proven to be an excellent fit. It's compact enough to be conveniently stored and delivers solid suction. My critiques, however, are its short battery life and the price point, which seems high compared to other models on the market that may offer similar or superior performance.

Verified Buyer
Maida Wyman
27 Feb 2024 07:47

Despite its compact size, this vacuum delivers remarkable suction power. Being rechargeable is a huge plus, and it comes with numerous attachments tailored for reaching those tricky spots in a car. For anyone with toddlers, this vacuum is a game-changer.

Verified Buyer
Molly McClure
25 Feb 2024 18:43

Traveling often with my two dogs results in an abundance of dog hair in the vehicle. Dubbed a "German shedder," my German shepherd leaves a significant amount of hair behind. This compact vacuum has been surprisingly effective in removing pet hair from the car's carpets.

Verified Buyer
Dianna Feil
24 Feb 2024 12:22

I was amazed at how much debris I could clear out of tight spaces. The battery lasted throughout the cleaning process. This device is ideal for dusting car vents, dashboards, and screens efficiently without resorting to a larger vacuum. It's genuinely impressive!

Verified Buyer
Lacey Marquardt
23 Feb 2024 14:19

Switching between nozzles or brushes is a breeze, just like emptying the dustbin. Its compact design ensures it fits easily next to the spare tire for convenient storage. Indeed, it performs wonderfully, effectively removing crumbs and other debris lodged between seats that car wash vacuums often miss.

Verified Buyer
Maud Wisoky
16 Feb 2024 16:23

The build quality of this unit is solid, making it excellent for small cleanup tasks and a great alternative to canned compressed air. The attachments fit securely, and the vacuum is easy to clean, which adds to its convenience. The inclusion of a storage bag is a thoughtful touch, earning extra points for organization.

Verified Buyer
Maegan Hegmann
14 Feb 2024 14:48

This device comes with all the necessary filters and attachments, and it doubles as a blower! Its compact size makes it perfect for use as a desk vacuum or in your car, though I find its blower function particularly useful for desk cleanups. The exhaust side of the vacuum effectively blows debris away, ideal for dislodging particles trapped in keyboards or other hard-to-reach areas. Then, switch to vacuum mode to clean everything up. Its USB-C charging capability means you don’t need any special adapters, making it convenient and a great value for its size and price.

Verified Buyer
Rhianna Hammes
10 Feb 2024 23:13

This vacuum boasts impressive suction and unique features not found in other models. However, it comes with attachments that seem unnecessary, as I demonstrate in the attached video. Aside from the one redundant accessory, the suction and blowing capabilities are commendable, and the vacuum's primary function performs excellently.

Verified Buyer
Lawrence Halvorson
8 Feb 2024 12:57

I'm truly taken aback by the power of this compact vacuum – its suction capabilities on both low and high settings are impressive. Beyond its primary function, this device shines with its versatility; it effortlessly reaches into tight spaces, offers a blowing function that's perfect for cleaning keyboards, and can even inflate balloons and pool toys. While it's marketed as a car vacuum, its utility extends far beyond just vehicles. I plan to make the most of it throughout my home.

Verified Buyer
Antonette Medhurst
5 Feb 2024 17:56

I purchased this handheld vacuum primarily for use around the house, as I find it convenient to have one in each of the main rooms for quick cleanups. The variety of options and versatility it offers caught my eye. Additionally, I'm looking forward to using it for inflating pool floats and rafts in situations where an electrical outlet isn't available. The powerful blowing function for dusting off electronics or stoking fires is another feature I anticipate utilizing frequently. Despite my initial concern about its cost considering its size, its multifunctionality seems to justify the investment. My husband was skeptical, doubting the effectiveness and battery life of rechargeable vacuums, but this one has proven to be quite robust and maintains strong suction. Only time will tell how it holds up, but as of now, I'm satisfied with the purchase and would suggest it to others.

Verified Buyer
Peggie McCullough
3 Feb 2024 01:27

This vacuum impresses with its strong suction, yet I find the blower function equally, if not more, useful. The ability to blast away dust and debris from tight spaces and then vacuum them up with the same tool is incredibly convenient. It's especially useful for cleaning vehicle engine bays, including blowing off dirt from engine components and hoses. Recently, I used it to clear away dirt from cone intakes before giving them a wash, proving its worth as an indispensable tool. However, I do wish it included a carrying case or even a simple pouch for the device and its accessories. Currently, I'm using a Ziploc bag, which, while functional, detracts from the overall quality presentation. Nonetheless, the value of this unit far exceeds its cost.

Verified Buyer
Cathryn Hills
1 Feb 2024 07:56

Perfect, now I will test the battery use time. Parts fit perfectly

Verified Buyer
Isaiah Bayer
25 Jan 2024 06:30

Holding the vacuum feels natural and comfortable, much like gripping a pistol—just aim and activate, and it effortlessly tackles the job. Surprisingly powerful, this device cleverly combines the functionalities of both a vacuum and a blower. Initially, I thought I was purchasing a simple hand-held vacuum, so discovering its dual capability was a delightful bonus. It arrives equipped with an array of attachments (including nozzles, brushes, and filters), ensuring you're well-prepared for various cleaning tasks.

Verified Buyer
Clifton Krajcik
25 Jan 2024 02:39

This sleek, cordless Vacuum/Blower is incredibly efficient, quickly filling the dust collection bin to capacity. I discovered that when the vacuum is angled downwards and switched off, the one-way valve doesn't seal tightly enough to keep the trapped particles from spilling out. I've since learned to avoid positioning it this way.

Verified Buyer
Verda Corkery
17 Jan 2024 09:08

Good vacuum cleaner

Verified Buyer
Bartholome Cronin
12 Jan 2024 06:53

This mini vacuum defies expectations with its considerable power, capable of picking up small pebbles and sand from my vehicle's floor. The main drawback is the small size of the nozzle, making it unsuitable for comprehensive vehicle cleaning but perfect for the dashboard, console areas, and between seats. Additionally, it functions as a blower, which was particularly useful during my beach trip. I used the blower to remove sand before entering the car and the vacuum to clean up any sand that made its way inside. It's a worthy investment.

Verified Buyer
Syble Rempel
2 Jan 2024 02:02

Everything works great thanks to the seller

Verified Buyer
Ezequiel Schmitt
30 Nov 2023 21:19

While I haven't tested this vacuum in a car, it's been a game-changer for cleaning computer components and other hard-to-reach areas. I have a mechanical keyboard that allows me to remove keys as needed. I took off a few keys at a time and vacuumed underneath them—it was overdue, and there was undeniable proof of my cat's unauthorized desk visits. I also tackled the dust in my computer tower's vents. I intend to power down my PC soon and open up the tower to clean any dust inside. After vacuuming, I'm planning to use the blow function to remove any remaining dust particles, ensuring my PC is in top condition and health!

Verified Buyer
Shyanne Vandervort
27 Nov 2023 21:19

The blower function was perfect for clearing dust from my keyboard, cleaning the car's dashboard, and tidying up electronic equipment like the DVR and DVD player. The included charging cable features a USB type 'A' connector on one end and a barrel connector on the other, fitting standard USB chargers and indicating the charging status. A storage solution for the device, its accessories, and the charging cable is essential. I repurposed a small, padded lunch tote, which serves excellently for this purpose.

Verified Buyer
Waino Powlowski
26 Nov 2023 21:19

After trying several car vacuums that just didn't cut it in terms of suction, I finally discovered one that lets me tidy up my car's interior without needing to hit the car wash for a thorough clean. The SZUK Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner stands out as a top choice for anyone in need of a potent, versatile cordless vacuum for their vehicle. It boasts impressive suction power, effortlessly removing dirt, dust, pet hair, and more from every nook and cranny. Plus, it comes equipped with a variety of attachments tailored for those tricky spots, such as cup holders and tight crevices.

Verified Buyer
Giuseppe Mayert
25 Nov 2023 21:18

The array of attachments included is a significant advantage, facilitating the cleaning of every part of my car, from the seats and floors to the dashboard. Emptying the vacuum is a breeze, too—the clear dustbin lets you see when it's time to empty it, and it's straightforward to remove and dispose of the contents. Having used this vacuum in all my vehicles, I'm thoroughly impressed. It's an effective tool for keeping them neat and clean. I highly recommend this model and brand to anyone looking for a powerful, versatile cordless car vacuum that's excellent value for money and simplifies car maintenance.

Verified Buyer
Raven O'Conner
24 Nov 2023 21:18

I'm quite impressed with this mini vacuum; it excels at clearing out crumbs from drawers and cabinets around the house. It's incredibly lightweight and user-friendly. Despite its small size, it's remarkably powerful and offers substantial suction. I definitely recommend it.

Verified Buyer
Flavio Torphy
22 Nov 2023 21:18

Initially skeptical due to its compact size, I was pleasantly surprised by the vacuum's strength. The high-speed setting is overkill for most tasks, but it's great to have the option. The tiny brush attached to the flat tip is perfect for dusting slender blinds. Beyond automotive use, it's useful for cleaning beneath sofa cushions, handling minor dry spills, and more. The blow feature is an added perk for inflating certain items. The provided cloth bag conveniently stores all attachments, and frequent emptying of the small dustbin and filter cleaning is advisable to preserve its strong suction. It's an incredibly useful device overall.

Verified Buyer
Imani Witting
20 Nov 2023 21:17

Despite its diminutive stature, this vacuum packs a punch! Activation requires a long press on the power button, and a subsequent press intensifies the suction. Its compact design effortlessly picks up debris in confined spaces. In summary, this vacuum offers great value.

Verified Buyer
Daphney McCullough
19 Nov 2023 21:17

Upon receiving it today, I fully charged it within 30 minutes. Initially, I thought it wasn't functioning, but after pressing and holding the power button for about 5 seconds, it powered up. The dual-speed capability is fantastic, offering robust vacuuming power at either setting. It made cleaning my car a breeze, especially with the extended tip for those hard-to-reach spots. This product is versatile and performs excellently across various functions. My advice? Definitely purchase this vacuum; it won't let you down.

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